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BDO Unibank uses cookies to improve customers’ experience while using their desktop, mobile gadgets, and other devices.

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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is information that is being stored by a website from computers or mobile devices of every visitor. Cookies are used in different ways, from providing analytics of user activity on the website, to helping the owner of the website understand its users better by means of the data they are able to track. They also ensure the website functions properly for each user visit.

What are the different types of Cookies?

Session Cookies:

This type of cookie is temporary and is created at the start of each session. This is automatically deleted when the user closes the browser window. It carries information as the user goes across different pages of the website so as to provide a smooth and seamless experience.

First Party Cookies:

This type of cookie is stored by the website visited. It allows the owners of the website to collect analytical data, as well as help remember preferences of each user each time they visit the website. The data collected here is stored within the website until cleared from the user’s browser.

Third Party Cookies:

This type of cookie refers to the ones that are made by a platform other than the website the user has visited. It helps provide the owners of the website analytical data that is used to continuously enhance the overall customer experience of the website. Third party cookies also track the user’s interest and online behavior to help give the owners of the website a better understanding of who the users are. It can help the owner of the website craft appropriate advertisements to specific users, as well as track the ad’s effectiveness.  These cookies will not collect information that can identify individuals and only the owners of the website have access to this type of data.

Persistent Cookies:

This type of cookie helps users remember their own information (ex: sign-in credentials), settings, and preferences that help them have a convenient and better overall website experience. These cookies are only stored within the computer of the user and nowhere else. Users are free to delete these cookies anytime.

How Do I Manage Cookies?

You may opt out of the cookies by changing your browser preferences in the settings option. Take note, however, that parts of the website might not be able to function properly as these rely on cookies to help provide a better experience overall. For more information about cookies, you may refer to this link.  Here are additional customer support links specific to your browser:



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You may also check out BDO Unibank Privacy Statement ( on how we handle personal data.